Managing Theme Versions

One important thing to note about making customizations to themes is that updating a theme will replace all of the theme files, effectively removing all customizations previously made!

Luckly, when this happens, your customizations are not gone forever, you can access previous versions of a theme and recover these changes using the following technique.

Reverting to a previous version of a Theme.Link

If you ever need to switch to a previous version of your site theme - e.g. to roll back customizations or updates you've made, or to retrieve changes made to a theme - then you can do this from within your admin (using a small trick!):

  1. Head to Design the Site's Theme library.
  2. Modify your url to /manage/theme_installation_versions to access the inactive versions of themes.

From this page you can access all of the previous versions of the themes that have ever existed on a Thinkific Site.

You can preview, republish, delete or access the code for previous themes!