Liquid API - Global Variables

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These variables are available anywhere!


DescriptionThe site variable contains information related to your site and is available for every page in your theme
locatordescriptionsite.subdomain{String} Get your site's current subdomainsite.site_wide_footer_scripts{String} Get your site's current footer scriptssite.has_site_wide_footer_scripts{Boolean} Does your site have site wide footersite.order_tracking_code{String} Get your site's order tracking codesite.signup_tracking_code{String} Get your site's signup tracking codesite.has_google_verification_meta_tag{Boolean} Does your site have a googlesite.google_verification_meta_tag{String} Get your site's current google verificationsite.current_user{Drops::User} Get the current logged-in usersite.currency{String} Get the site's currencysite.collections{Drops::Collection} Get the site's collectionssite.copyright{String} Get the site's copyright (© Copyright {{ tenants name }} {{site.has_home_header{Boolean} Does the site have a home header? True or{Boolean} Does the site have a home subheader? Otherwise knownsite.home_header{String} Get the site's home headersite.home_subheader{String} Get the site's home subheader/subtitlesite.support_email{String} Get the site's support emailsite.has_terms{Boolean} Does the site have terms and conditions? True or falsesite.has_privacy_policy{Boolean} Does the site have a privacy policy? True or falsesite.has_logo{Boolean} Does the site have a logo? True or{Boolean} Does the site have a banner image? True or falsesite.white_labelling_activated{Boolean} Does the tenant have{String} Get the name of the tenant's schoolsite.has_custom_left_links{Boolean} Does the site have custom links for the left?site.custom_left_links{Drops::CustomLink} Get the site's custom left linkssite.has_custom_right_links{Boolean} Does the site have custom links for the right?site.custom_right_links{Drops::CustomLink} Get the site's custom right linkssite.remote_signin_enabled{Boolean} Does the tenant have remote sign-in enabled?site.invisible_recaptcha_enabled{Boolean} Does the tenant have invisible reCaptchasite.invisible_recaptcha_key{String} Gets the public key used for the invisiblesite.signup_recaptcha_enabled{Boolean} Does the tenant have reCaptcha enabled?site.signup_recaptcha_key{String} Gets the public key used for the sign up reCaptchasite.certificates_enabled{Boolean} Does the tenant have certificates enabled?site.products{Drops::Product} All products for the current sitesite.has_non_hidden_published_products{Boolean} Does the tenant have any non-hiddensite.banner_url{String} Get the banner image urlsite.logo_url{String} Get the logo image urlsite.dashboard_url{String} Get the dashboard urlsite.course_administrator_dashboard_url{String} Get the course administratorsite.affiliate_dashboard_url{String} Get the affiliate dashboard urlsite.sign_out_url{String} Get the sign-out urlsite.privacy_policy_url{String} Get the privacy policy urlsite.terms_url{String} Get the terms and conditions urlsite.home_url{String} Get the home page urlsite.root_url{String} Get the root site page urlsite.collections_url{String} Get the site collections urlsite.student_dashboard_url{String} Get the student dashboard urlsite.sign_in_url{String} Get the sign-in urlsite.account_edit_url{String} Get the account edit urlsite.account_edit_password_url{String} Get the account password edit urlsite.account_certificates_url{String} Get the account certificates urlsite.account_notifications_edit_url{String} Get the account edit notifications urlsite.account_billings_url{String} Get the account billings urlsite.account_orders_url{String} Get the account orders urlsite.affiliate_root_url{String} Get the affiliate index urlsite.affiliate_links_url{String} Get the affiliate links urlsite.affiliate_reports_url{String} Get the affiliate reports urlsite.edit_affiliate_settings_url{String} Get the affiliate settings url


descriptionThe theme variable contains settings related to your theme and is available on every page in your theme{String} Get the theme's{String} Get the theme's authortheme.version{String} Get the theme's versiontheme.documentation_url{String} Get the theme's documentation urltheme.preset_name{String} Get the name of the theme's presettheme.support_url{String} Get the theme's support{String} Get the compiled CSS for the themetheme.settings{Drops::Manifest} Get the theme's settings, defined in the theme's manifest

Base PageLink

descriptionThese are availabile on any page
locatordescriptionpage.page_identifier{String} The identifier of the page. Signals liquid to render a particular templatepage.header_required{Boolean} Override if you have a page that should not show the headerpage.footer_required{Boolean} Override if you have a page that should not show the footerpage.header_without_links_required{Boolean} Override if you have a page that should show the header with no links. For example, the checkout or the signin/signup pagespage.title{String} Page's titlepage.current_url{String} Page's current urlpage.meta{Array} Page's meta data