Getting Started With Themes

Plan AvailabilityLink

Editing your theme code is available on all plans if you're on one of our legacy theme versions, and on the Pro plan or above for our Site Builder themes. This is because the Site Builder themes themselves are so much more robust and offer customization options within the platform itself that do not require coding.

About ThemesLink

Themes are what course creators use to build and style their Thinkific sites. When beginning on Thinkific, users can select from a variety of default Thinkific themes to help them get started. These can also be customized using the HTML/CSS and a templating lanuage called Liquid. If you're familiar with HTML/CSS, you should find Liquid fairly easy to use. In addition to the default themes that come with Thinkific, users are also able to import custome themes built by others. To get you started, here is some documentation to get familiar with Liquid:

Included below are some basic instructions and best practice guidelines for customizing themes. Please note there are differences between Themes 2.0 and higher, so find the appropriate details depending on your versions.

How to access a site's themesLink

Click on Design Your Site within your admin dashboard, and then click on Theme Library (or Themes if you aren't on Site Builder yet). This is what the Themes Library page of your admin dashboard will look like by default. You will see your current theme, and below you'll see all your inactive themes which will include any you had previously installed.

You can click on the highlighted buttons below to select Edit Code on any published or inactive theme. This will bring you into the HTML/CSS editor where you can make all your changes.

Access Theme Libary

Once you are in the theme editor, you can make changes to the templates or add your own custom CSS. Remember that you will need to press File -> Save within the editor in order to see your changes take place.

Note: If you update your theme you will lose your customizations, so we recommend you keep your own changelog of the files you've edited so that you can manually add them back in if you wish to update your theme. We also recommend you duplicate the theme before you edit it, so that way you can have your separate custom theme.

Thinkific default themesLink

Thinkific currently has three default Themes that customer can choose from, these are named: Vogue, Vision & Empire. Each of these have a different style and feel. When customizing a theme, you can use one of these as a base, or you may start entirely from scratch.

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