Getting Started with Thinkific

Thinkific is home to more than 40,000 course creators around the world that are building a business using online education. At Thinkific we ensure that all course creators have the tools and resources to solve the most important and difficult problems they face, but every course creator has unique needs.

So, we are giving you the tools to customize and extend Thinkific and build amazing things with us! These resources are here to help you get familiar with the Thinkific platform, regardless of whether you are:

  • An organization building a custom solution for your own needs.
  • An agency or partner building customized learning experiences for your clients.
  • An integrator or app developer looking to build scalable solutions that all Thinkific customers can access.

Building custom solutions for your organization or clientLink

Thinkific and this documentation supports you in the creation of bespoke solutions that are intended to be built for individual Thinkific Sites.

There are a variety of resources available in this documentation that are available for these sorts of solutions, including access to the API, customization of Themes, and SSO implementation.

Keep in mind that access to these features are dependent on certain Thinkific pricing plans, so ensure that your site has the proper access before getting started.

Get started by learning about the following opportunities:

  • Using the API and how to authenticate a private app.
  • Getting started with custom themes
  • Implementing single sign on.

Building an App for all Thinkific Customers to accessLink

Do you have an idea to build an app on Thinkific that could help improve the experience for our course creators? We want to hear from you!

We are giving you the tools to customize and extend Thinkific and build amazing things with us to benefit all of our customers!

Please find out more about our building an app on Thinkific in the resources below:

For more information on the technical tools available to you: