Collecting User Feedback


To develop your app it is important to collect real user feedback to help you improve the quality of your user experience and fix any usability bugs that, as the creator, you may become habituated to. We expect you to take on your own active user recruitment as part of building your app by utilizing the Thinkific Facebook community to research customer trends, issues and also invite customers to participate in research.

Basics of collecting feedback:Link

The best way to collect feedback on the experience of using your app is to watch customers or potential users go through your app’s onboarding and complete the core tasks of your app. If you watch real people go through your app you’re bound to learn and improve a lot! What you see might be painful to watch at times, but the benefits to your app are great as the improvements you make will ensure a better experience, which will improve adoption and retention of future customers. Think of it like a practice session to work out the kinks before a big performance.

General steps to usability testing:Link

  • Set up your prototype or use your live app
  • Write your key tasks or flows you want tested
  • Determine successful completion criteria of the task
  • Recruit customers (3-5 is a good place to start)
  • Stay impartial, observant and write down lots of notes! Remember you’re testing your app, not your participants.
  • Look for common patterns from the feedback you receive and make improvements
  • Test your new improvements to see if you’ve resolved the issues

Resources on user testing methods in more detail: