Becoming a Thinkific App Partner

Thinkific requires App Developers to register for our Partner Program in order to build and distribute apps to course creators on Thinkific.

Follow this guide to understand what is needed to become an App Development Partner and join our team in empowering more Course Creators to build a business educating the world.

NOTE: If you are building a private solution for your own Thinkific site, this is not a required step. Go to Using the API to get started building.

1. Sign-up to the ProgramLink

Sign-up to become a member of the program at and select the App Developer Partner track. Agree our terms and conditions and wait for your welcome email!

You can also join our Thinkific Studio for Online Course Creators group on Facebook to start engaging with our customer and partner community!

2. Create an account within our Partner PortalLink

Your welcome email will include a link to our partner portal. Follow this link to create your account within our Partner Portal!

The Partner Portal will provide you with access to:

  • A full-featured sandbox instance for testing and demo purposes
  • Access to our technical documentation
  • Access to all of our help documentation and help desk
  • Apps menu from where you can create your app
  • Link to submit your app for review

Up Next: Building your AppLink