Building Apps & Integrations

Thinkific Apps allows you to build custom solutions and connections that extend and expand the functionality Thinkific provides out-of-the-box. Take control of the student experience and create powerful, customized experiences for educators and their students using apps.

Thinkific Apps can be used to build solutions that exist entirely in the Thinkific platform or integrations that connect Thinkific with outside tools.

Thinkific has 40k+ course creators who are helping 20m students globally so we are excited to provide an opportunity for app developers to earn revenue and attract new customers for their apps!

In this guide we will provide more information on:

  • What's the difference between an app and an integration?
  • What kind of apps can I build?
  • What can apps do?
  • Does Thinkific have an Apps Store?
  • What apps do Thinkific customers want?
  • How do apps work?

What's the difference between an app and an integration?Link

In Thinkific, apps and integrations are treated the same when it comes to functionality and process. Whether you are building a solution that you Identify as an Integration between Thinkific and another service, or an app that is built to extend the native functionality of Thinkific, you will need to register an app with Thinkific, and you will need to follow the same submission process to be listed in the Thinkific App Store. The difference between these pieces of functionality may arise in the future in categorization in our future App Store and in the Co-marketing channels available.

An app provides the opportunity for you to build a solution on top of Thinkific’s platform using the OAuth mechanism which our customers can install onto their sites. If this use case does not work for your situation, you can also continue to use our APIs to build an integration between your platform and ours. See here for more details.

What kind of apps can I build?Link

This guide assumes that you are looking to build a public app that can be made available to Thinkific customers. If you are looking to build solutions for your own personal use, an app is not necessary and you can access the API using your site’s API Key. Learn more on how to authenticate using API Key

Public apps:Link

Public apps are installable on paid Thinkific sites and can request official approval from Thinkific to be made available in the future Thinkific App Store. For more information on the process for submitting and getting a public app to our customers please see here.

What can apps do?Link

  • Use Public API to read, write or delete data from your site. Examples include apps which help course creators automate processes, communicate with their students off platform etc.
  • Use Webhooks to listen for actions taken inside Thinkific sites, like when students complete a lesson or a course or when they make purchases.

We are currently working on building out our API capabilities to provide our app developers with even more opportunities to extend and customize the Thinkific experience for our course creators.

Please sign-up to our Partner Program and submit any feedback via our partner portal!

Does Thinkific have an App Store?Link

Currently, approved apps & integrations are listed on our public facing Integrations Page. We are currently in search of new apps that our customers will love and developers who want to work with us to build the future of Thinkific and be featured in a future Thinkific App Store!

What apps do Thinkific customers want?Link

There is so much opportunity to build innovative solutions for our customers. We are particularly focused on encouraging app developers to build solutions which support our course creators across three main areas:

  1. Apps which helps our course creators save time and money
  2. Apps which help our course creators build more revenue and sell more courses
  3. Apps which help our course creators to improve the learning experience for their students

If you are looking for more ideas we can recommend looking at our Facebook group which has 20k active course creators discussing their needs!

Getting started with appsLink

In order to build apps in Thinkific, you will need a Thinkific Partner account. You can register for a partner account at and learn more about Getting Started as a Thinkific Partner here.

All apps are managed using your Partner account by going to and navigating to apps.

Up Next: Becoming a Thinkific App PartnerLink