Teaching Students API Reference

This API is in early development, and not yet accessible to all Apps.

Request access at apps@thinkific.com


The Thinkific Teaching Students API exposes endpoints to build a course delivery experience for Students that are in the Thinkific platform. Access the courses and course content that the student has access to, and update a students progress through this content.


Authorization for this API is granted on behalf of the student, not the Thinkfic Site or Site Owner, as is the case for the Admin APIs.

Once your OAuth App has been installed on a Thinkfic Site by a Site Owner, students can then be directed to log in using the same authorization flow, providing your application with an access token that is scoped to the access that the student has.

Project StatusLink

This API is still in development and feedback is welcome. If you would like to provide insights or discuss this API further, contact us at apps@thinkific.com.

Available lesson typesLink

Currently, this API only gives access to content based lesson type, including Text, Video, PDF, Audio, and iframes.

We are still looking to add further to this by exploring how we will add Quiz, Survey and Presentation lessons in the future, stay tuned!

API ReferenceLink

Base UrlLink

The base address of the Teaching API is https://api.thinkific.com/api/students/v1

Download YAML fileLink

This API library is available as a yaml file to help develop your solutions.

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To try out the following api documentation you must have an OAuth Access Token. More information here.