Authorization using API Key

If you want a simple way to gain access to the API for an individual Thinkific Site with the purpose of building a private or one-off app, you can authorize using the Thinkific Site's Subdomain and API Key.

Note: If you are building an app that requires access to multiple Thinkific Sites you will likely need to use the Authorization Code Flow instead. For help understanding the difference see Using the API.

Finding you API key and SubdomainLink

For Thinkific customers that have an active subscription, you API Key can be found on your site's settings page.

  1. Login to your Thinkific Site.
  2. Go to "Settings".
  3. Select the "Code & Analytics" Tab.
  4. Use the sub menu or scroll down to the API section.

Note you can also see your active webhooks and logs from this view.

API Key Location

Structuring your requestLink

Authorization is achieved by providing both the subdomain and corresponding API key as a Header in each request.

Structure of headers:Link

KeyValueX-Auth-API-Key{{Thinkific API key}}X-Auth-Subdomain{{Subdomain of the Thinkific site}}Content-Typeapplication/json

Making a test requestLink

Test your connection by retrieving a list of your courses using the following command in your console. Make sure you replace “my-api-key” and “my-subdomain” with your own credentials.

curl \
-H 'X-Auth-API-Key: my-api-key' \
-H 'X-Auth-Subdomain: my-subdomain' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'

Authorization ErrorsLink

Errors due to invalid/incorrect credentials will return:

"error":"Authentication Error"

and the response will have an HTTP status code of 401.

Note: One common reason that this Authentication Error appears is because the site's Thinkific pricing plan does not allow access to the API. Thinkific customers must be on the Pro + Growth Plan or above in order to access the API.